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Microtest 7703 ImpulseSurge Tester

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Microtest 7703 ImpulseSurge Tester

Product Description:

7703  is a 2-channel 5KV  impulse winding tester and able to measure inductance down to 0.5uH as well as magnify high-frequency harmonics to prevent shorts between the layers of windings. Mild corona occurring between coils would create harmonics with small amplitude and high frequency (>10MHz) which cannot be detected by a regular impulse winding tester that can only observe mild amplitude without actually identifying the fault. MICROTEST 7703 deploys “High-frequency harmonics analysis HARM “technique to magnify high-frequency harmonics then display them on screen then identify each mild discharge between layers and ensure the quality of each component coil.


High-frequency harmonics analysis has the capability to detect slot lines

Low power non-destructive test analysis

Automatic Level Control Function (ALC)

Waveform learning comparison to achieve rapid test speed

Measure voltage up to 10,000V

Measure the lowest inductance to 0.5uH

Interchangeable between Chinese and English operational interfaces/ Provide statistic and print functions

High-frequency noise signal analysis has the capability to detect slot line

Auto voltage Learn function

Product Specification:

Measurement Data


Channel             2

Impluse Voltage             200V ~ 10000V

Lowest Inductance Value            0.5uH

Accuracy            ±2%

Measurement Time       50mS

Measurement Mode     The comparison between standard and test waveforms

Indicators          Pass/Fail HV LED red-green indicator lights/Screen Display/Sound



Power Supply    98 ~ 132Vac or 192 ~ 264Vac

Display 320*240 dot-matrix display

Interface            RS-232, Print Port, Remote Control

Flash Memory   Storage of 200 rewritable data sets

Operation          Auto、Manual

Environment     Temperature : 10℃ to 40℃    Humidity : 20 ~ 90%

Dimension (W*H*D)     435x133x525  (mm)

Weight 8 (Kg)

Measurement Items




Total Area

Area size comparison

Waveform comparison





Quantize high-frequency harmonic waves for the datamation of short circuit problems


MICROTEST 7703 provides “High frequency noise signal analysis HFLT”funtion to quantize the data of all the high-frequency harmonics into numeric numbers that interpret harmonic wave changes. This model will setup upper and lower thresholds according to these figures and has the capability to detect even the smallest short between layers.






Utilize high-frequency harmonics analysis function, detect the most typical problems of high voltage slot line


After the test, we found out the parameters e.g. Area under the curve, Area size and waveform comparison are all PASS, but high-frequency harmonics and high-frequency noise signals are out of specification, this short-circuit problem between layers is caused by high voltage slot line.




Inverters, Power Inductors, Winding, Transformers, Motors, Wave Filters, Capacitors and Circuit breaker

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